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The trip started from E.LA.LI. Now it is a time to go up to E, Estonia. There were several alternatives for means of transportations I went for bus. It is not only reasonable but thought it would be the best way to feel the ambience of the country taking slow journey. Traveling to different country by bus is special for us Japanese as we live in an island where going abroad by other transportation than airplane is rare. 5 hours travel, just like travelling from Tokyo to where my parents live in Kyushu by train.


Going tranquil country road, the bus finally arrived at a bus terminal. In Tallin, I started to come across Nordic designs and colours here and there. Like many people admits, there is similar aesthetic sense from Japan that is to find beauty in simplicity.

偶々通りかかったマジパンの有名な店があってそこで買った鶏と玉ねぎ。でも、ホテルに置いてきてしまった模様…. マジパンは東欧、ロシアチックだなぁ。

These are the masipan from a famous masipan shop in the historical city centre. They are so cute! but they seems to be left in the hotel room…


The time in Tallin was short and here are some random things that caught my eyes

Bumpers shaped like birds…


Florists open until midnight though all other shops are closed already…


Buildings like in a fairly tale.


Following day is a journey to Helsinki.


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