TEMARICIOUS商品は5月末まで販売しています。TEMARICOUS products are available until the end of May!
TEMARICIOUS商品は5月末まで販売しています。TEMARICOUS products are available until the end of May!
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旅するテマリシャス:フィンランド ヘルシンキ/ Helsinki, Finland 3



My partner found a Japanese couple who have been running a small shop called COMMON in Helsinki for 10 years. I liked their post so decided to visit them.


The shop offers selection of household goods, stationaries etc. that are mainly from Japan, selected by the owner’s aesthetic sense. Before visiting, I thought we can share the same point of views, thinking that the way/attitude they showcase their Japan made products is similar to the way we showcases our Temari and naturally dyed thread we make. we both happen to do it but not only to please foreigners but also to please ourselves. So we don’t go for typical things people might expect from Japan but something that might be unexpected.  Although I was total stranger, I showed him, his little son and later his wife our Temari and thread then had inspiring conversation for a while. The shop and their company was comfortable. I now feel that there is a place to go back in Finland.


It would be fun if we can collaborate in the future. Big thanks to COMMON for lovely time. For readers, I would recommend you to visit this very stylish design shop. You can find similarities between Nordic and Japanese.


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