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東京 西荻窪 手まりで国際交流? Japanese Folk Art Class in West Tokyo

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Temaricious is producing naturally dyed threads and Japanese folk art of Temari in West Tokyo.



  • 実用性重視
  • 暮らしの中で役立つもの
  • 作る楽しみ
  • 自分表現

We often receive questions why we are making Temari.  What is Temari? What is it for?

There must be various reasons why people do hand craft such as;

  • To be used as daily commodeties
  • To make something that improves efficiency in your daily life.
  • Just enjoy the process of making
  • To express themselves


For Temaricious, the 3 aspects, which areTemari is fun to make, beautiful to look at as  a part of interior, handing down Japanese tradition, and making of Temari is communication tool.


During the long overseas stay, I was often asked what I am doing. This made me think who I am and I have been searching for it for long time.



I wanted to be someone else than me who work in a company using foreign language. I wanted to find something with which I can say “It is ME!”


Ever since I started Temari, I have more opportunities to express myself and communicate with people I have never imagined. It is truly inspiring and broadened my world.



We often host international Temari workshop where visitors to Japan and locals share time through Temari. If you are visiting Tokyo and are interested in this traditional folk art, why not to try our workshop? Sharing what you love from people of different background might opens new perspective.

Tutors are us, local Japanese, who lived in Europe.

手まり教室 東京、西荻窪| Learn Japanese Folk Art with Temaricious

Anyone interested in making naturally coloured temari, Japanese folk art with Temaricious? Still available on below days. Book online through Airbnb(Host:Naho)


2/28、3/7, 3/26は確定しています。手まり経歴は問いません。日本にお住まいの方で、ご参加希望の方はメールください。


28/Feb – 10:00 – 13:30

07/Mar – 10:00 – 13:30

26/Mar – 10:00 – 13:30

Waiting for you booking!

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