TEMARICIOUS商品は5月末まで販売しています。TEMARICOUS products are available until the end of May!
TEMARICIOUS商品は5月末まで販売しています。TEMARICOUS products are available until the end of May!
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西荻窪 草木染と手まり|TEMARICIOUSの始まり①



Our story PART1: How we met


Temaricious is a unit of 2 ladies. We met first time more than 10 years ago,  in Prague where there is no direct flight from Japan. At that time, we would not even imagined to start this adventure together. We were spending totally different life from natural dye or Temari. Naho was working for a travel agency and Rika was learning Czech language in a school and working part-time.


We run into each other in Prague coincidentally and coincidentally both of us passed same places like UK and Kyushu, where family lives, in different time.

Nahoはイギリス、ハンガリー、チェコと経験して生まれ故郷の東京に帰り着き、Rika はイギリス、ドイツ、チェコと経験し、初めて東京にたどり着きました。東京に再び着いてからはNahoはフランスと縁がある広告の仕事を始め、Rikaはドイツ時代にしていた世界中の人へモノを運ぶ仕事に再びつきました。

After spending years in UK, Hungary and Czech republic, Naho got back to her hometown in Tokyo. Rika, arrived Tokyo for the first time after spending years in UK, Germany and Czech republic. After getting back to Tokyo, Naho started to work for an advertising in French media and Rika went back to the same work of delivering goods to overseas, that she did in Germany.



In Tokyo, somehow we both live very closed to each other, not even a traffic light in between, in Nishi-ogikubo. We had never discussed where to find home when moving!  Looking back the past, there were too many coincidences between us. We wonder if it is called destiny!


To be continued…

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