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西荻窪 草木染めと手まり アトリエショップ開店


2018.2.3 吉日 西荻窪 草木染めと手まりのお店、開店!

Our new Natural dye and Temari shop opened on the 3rd February 2018 in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo.


Until the morning, it was not ready but we just managed to opened it at 1pm even though the display was still being figured out.


Thank you for M san, even though she barely knows us,  turned up in the morning with the opening gift of work (plate) and sweets and helped us until the early afternoon to set up the shop!

ご飯もまともに食べる暇がないとわかっているのか焼きたてパンを走り抜けて届けてくれたCさん!手伝えなくてごめんね!っていつも気にかけてくれてワインをさらっと持ってお祝いに来てくれたRちゃん。テマリシャスを陰で応援、支援してくれていて、素敵なお花をくださったJ&M&Y&Sちゃん。そのお花を作ってくれた西荻南の花屋さんシリー(DIY道具も貸してくれた!) 安曇野からお手紙と朝一番にお祝いのお菓子を届けてくれたTさん。笑っていいともみたいな大きな花を届けてくれた兄。わざわざ40分も並んでテマリシャス誕生日ケーキを買ってきてくれたKさん。忙しい間をぬって新作刺繍糸の完成品を届けてくれたMさん。

and there were more people, C san – rushing to her work but stopped to drop us lunch. R chan – bringing wine saying that she is sorry that she cannot help us. Then beautiful bouquet of flowers from Ladies (J,M,Y and S) who is always supporting Temaricious. Another flowers from SIRY, the florist in Nishiogikubo, who also let us use their DIY tools. Sweets and lovely letter from T san from Nagano. My brother who sent us ridiculously huge flower. K who queued for 1 hour and brought our favourite cake. M san who has been packaging our embroidery thread delivered the latest one just in time for the opening.


Jyunko of Boite, French antique shop in Nishiogikubo, who is our chaperone of nishiogi shop owner A to Z, DIY adviser and who offered us previous shared atelier.

ペンキ塗り塗り大会参加してくれたRちゃん、S、Dちゃん、Sちゃん、何度も通って手伝ってくれたOちゃん、Aさん、Yちゃん。ずっとずっと手伝ってくれているKさん! Friends who helped painting in white (and painting themselves) on the first day. K san who is always there for supporting.

もちろん、開店当日楽しみにきていただいたお客様、偶然見つけてくれたお客様、本当にたくさんおめでとうをいただきました!この場を借りて感謝仕切れないありがとうを申し上げます。We have received so much congratulations from customers who has been waiting for this day and customer who just came across. There are more people we would like to send our great gratitude. Thank you everyone!



Thanks to all, we have just opened new door to the new challenge. We are hoping that we’ll be an amusement to spice up your life and enjoy together!

Best wishes,




Our New Address

3-17-7 Nishiogiminami

Suginami, Tokyo

〒167-0053 東京都杉並区西荻南3-17-7


西荻窪駅 南口徒歩1分

テマリシャスショップ:木 – 土 12:00 – 20:00


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