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西荻窪 草木染め糸屋:晩秋に香る桜落葉染め Tokyo Natural dyer: Cherry dye

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How do you usually realise that the season has changed? It might be length of the day, clothing of people on the streets, high streets illuminations or seasonal goodies in markets. Just imagining, there are many occasions aren’t there?

We work closely to the seasons because our natural dying work starts with extracting dye from seasonal plants and transferring the colour into threads. In this late autumn season, we cannot miss red leaves. We’ve collected red cherry leaves that had fallen off from tree.
It is one our favourite dye. The red liquid of dye and scent of it are the reasons. Soaking skeins of white threads in the bloody red liquid is like a scene in a horror film. However, the final colour remains in the cotton threads is gentle and soft pink, like SAKURA colour, that you cannot remember the bloody red anymore.

What would you stitch or make with our cherry colour? See if you can still smell the cheery.

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